We pray to the enlightened one, Dazzling in her virtues,
Bold in her childhood days, Braver yet in action.
Honesty was her mode of praise, To the Lord in all her ways.

Serving all from dawn to dusk, Leaving no stone unturned,
Challenging evil, teaching people, Harmony, generosity, and love.

She founded the SND Congregation, That follows her path to paradise.
Souls mingle with this soul of devotion, Whose piety and sanctity will outlive time and human device.

Spreading the message to follow God our Father,
Like the sunflower following the sun.
O dear, beloved Mother Julie, Bestow your kind blessings on everyone.

Sonali Haldar, XI Sc. (2015)

You're the caring mother, You're the responsible housekeeper.
You're the ideal of power, You're like water in fire.
You're the angel of life, You're the one who makes worth of our lives!

You bring peace to earth, You bring reconciliation to each one of us.
You're magnificent, You're bold,
Yet you're like the water that holds!

At the inn there was no room.
I remember how you sheltered an unknown, You were between life and death.
You went to the table, You gave me your own food.
How shall I forget you so soon?

For years you've been despised.
You've been hated, You know what it is to fear,
To worry, to be hungry and thirsty,
And still be so dear.

But now… Cry out with joy, For your seed has multiplied.
The one which had been bound, Is now free to fly.
You've grown so strong, And I know you will bring everything to pass.
For you are a woman … Who has loved the mass!

Bhawana Singh, XII Sc. (2014)


Time passes and memories remain from our past,
And these memories express the pain that mostly goes in vain.

Why do these memories remain? Why do they come again and again?
Like life's daily stress and strain.

Where have the sweet memories gone? Those that induce a new dawn?
That do adorn the hearts that are torn?

But these memories seldom come
Because the sad memories are some
Which do bring the pain that always goes in vain.

Ankita Sinha, XII Sc. (2014)